Good bye even through I have nothing to write but I will miss all of you guys and gals. lets see if I’ll see anyone in the summer.



GOOD JOB you just wasted 5 seconds of your life for reading. This is just 5 seconds to waste bye now.

Got a new game for you called

So this game is like so you start as a little tank that kills the shapes blue shapes are the good ones as you level up on the yellow bar on the bottom

  1. yellow squares are the least but good for start
  2. red triangles are second good and watch out for the pink triangles they attack you.
  3. You lose health when you hit a shape.
  4. level up to upgrade you tank and agility.
  5. dont die
  6. play here

Mortal Kombat XL ????

My uncle gave me Mortal Kombat XL the game for PS4. My reaction was that I was confused. I try to remember if I seen or hear of it. I only heard of Mortal Kombat X But I played It all weakened it was fun the fatalities are really brutal But my favorite character is alien and Jason. If you have PS4 comment your gamer tag.